Eating Air 吃风

Eating Air Poster

A romance between opposites, EATING AIR follows the lives of two teenagers during the hottest month in the history of Singapore.

For BOY, breaking into bridal shops under moonlight is as wildly exciting as taking GIRL on her first motorcycle spin through the blinding fluorescent tunnels of the CTE.

For GIRL, hurtling down the highway faster then the speed of sound is as intoxicatingly frightening as wondering where BOY rushes off to every time he receives a page at midnight.

About the joys and pangs of teenage love, EATING AIR seeks the delirious madness that makes 18-year-olds an age invincible to low fuels, fists and oil-puddles on the road. EATING AIR is about a boy, a girl, a motorbike, and no brakes.

Ah Girl 1Newspaper StandAh BoyPhotocopying ShopAh Girl 2


~ by kelvintong on December 9, 1999.

3 Responses to “Eating Air 吃风”

  1. I saw eating air when I was in the army… it is the most important sg movie in my opinion.

    I bought the ost which was stolen by my college mates in Australia. I managed to find the DVD after a looong hunt.

    You are my last resort. Where can I find a copy of the OST and complete my collection????


  2. Hi Matt,

    I think the OSTs are all sold out. I’ll check and update on this weblog as soon as I can.

  3. also looking for the OST…

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