1942 Photos

This has been one of the most fun and back-breaking shoots ever. We set out for Kluang, Malaysia with only 15 crew including 5 actors from Japan, who have never, ever, set foot in the tropical rainforest before. It’s an adventure that we’ll all remember for the rest of our film-making careers. Especially our DOP Ah Yin… (THE LIZARDS ARE HUGE…)

The Patrol
The Patrol

“It all started in the trench…”

“6th division 6th division… Over!”

“Keep up the pace!”

“We must catch up…”

“Where did the division go?”
The Patrol In Padifield

“Have faith.”

“What’s that singing…”
Mak Minah & Sato

“There’re no such things as ghosts…”

“Stay Low…”

“Go to sleep…”
Mak Minah & Baby

“Come out!”
Mak Minah & Tanaka


“Hang in there… Major”

“I’ve been watching you…”
Mak Minah

“Soldiers need a break too…”

Chihiro is enjoying himself…
Poor Goto

The Real Jungle People
The Orang Aslis 1

The Villagers That Helped Us
The Orang Aslis 2

We Like You Ledi!!!!
Group Photo

The End
The Patrol In Rain

In 1942…
The Traitor

Celebration 4
Celebration 2
Celebration 3
Celebration 1


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