Love Story 爱情故事

Love Story

“In 1906, Admiral Robert Peary led a team of ten men on the first-ever human expedition to the North Pole. Along their journey, they faced countless hardships – starvation, frostbite, exposure, snow blindness and hypothermia – but none of them ever fell ill. The air at the North Pole is too cold for germs to breed. One night, the men opened a case of books and came down with terrible colds, which nearly killed them. The books were brand-new and had never been owned or read by anyone. They had, however, been apparently packed by someone infected with a cold. Books, you see, can be very dangerous.”

Thus begins LOVE STORY, the wry and idiosyncratic tale of books, novelists, murder, love, hate, fact and fiction.

Frustrated by his inarticulateness, a struggling writer dreams up a particular form of literary aphrodisiac. He picks up women at the public library.

Feeding off the women’s memories and life experiences, he discovers that the words he had waited so long for are finally flowing from the tip of his pen.

As the number of women in his life piles up dangerously, he begins discarding them at the secondhand bookstore.

If only life is that simple.

For love has a particular way of boomeranging back and smacking you in the face. Together, the writer’s women – a theatre usher with a flashlight, a female cop, a hypochondriac librarian and an avant-garde actress – set out their own ways to seek revenge on their love and tormentor.




So much of contemporary Asian cinema is based on movies. That was a minor epiphany in 2005. I looked around me and realized that films were very often the genesis for other films. Copies and copies. That thought made me want to reach back deeper. And so, I looked at books – words, literature, poems, fables, fonts and print. Drawing on my own past experiences as a writer, I set out to create a tapestry of moods and feelings associated with the very difficult and often absurd act of writing. I wound up with a fantasy of sorts; landing somewhere between a doodler’s daydream and a Faustian nightmare. In LOVE STORY, I caught glimpses of the mania, narcissism, blindness and futility of the act of creation. It was both frightening and exhilarating.

~ by kelvintong on March 25, 2006.

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