Men In White 鬼啊!鬼啊!

Men In White

Being a human in Singapore is tough.

Being a ghost is even tougher.

And five ordinary Singaporeans are about to find that out.

A rollicking horror-comedy from top Singapore horror film director Kelvin Tong, Men In White takes on the scary from a completely new and hilarious angle.

Revolving around five cowardly and clueless Singaporean ghosts – a badminton player (Shaun Chen), a gangster girl (Ling Lee), a housewife (Alice Lim) and two hip-hop rappers (Ben Yeung and Xavier Teo), Men In White tells of their misadventures as they stumble through the bizarre rules of ghost-hood.

Trouble arrives in the form of a photographer ghost (David Aw) who joins our motley crew of undead and instigates them to wreck havoc on unsuspecting humans. The living fights back and out ghosts find themselves on the run and embarking unwittingly on a hilarious quest to strike fear into the hearts of Singaporeans – a tribe more afraid of losing, failing and breaking rules than ghosts.

~ by kelvintong on June 6, 2007.

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