An award-winning Singapore film-maker, Kelvin Tong’s work is marked by an exciting eclecticism that defies categorization.


Eating Air, his 1999 co-directorial debut with Jasmine Ng, fused teenage angst with kung fu and motorbikes. The feature went on to win the Young Cinema Award at the 2000 Singapore International Film Festival and the FIPRESCI prize at the 2000 Stockholm International Film Festival.


Representing Singapore extensively in the international film-festival circuit, the arthouse gem screened and competed in the Vancouver International Film Festival, Hongkong International Film Festival, Helsinki International Film Festival, Moscow Sochi International Film Festival, Udine International Film Festival, Barcelona International Film Festival, Los Angeles Asian-American Film Festival, Manila Film Festival, Tokyo PIA International Film Festival, Warsaw International Film Festival, Denmark International Film Festival, the inaugural Deauville Film Festival and the CineAsia Film Festival in Cologne, Germany.


With his second feature, The Maid (2005), Kelvin Tong went from arthouse to populist. The atmospheric horror film broke box office records in Singapore and was acquired by Fortissimo Films for worldwide distribution.


The Maid won the Asian Award at the 2006 European Fantastic Film Festival Federation along with a citation from the jury: “A very well made – and genuinely scary production. Nicely shot, good SFX, well-crafted – believable characters. Very fine acting – especially from Alessandra de Rossi and Shucheng Chen. It’s not just a scary movie – it’s also a social comment on the issue of foreign labour.”


2006 marked a return to Kelvin Tong’s arthouse roots with his third feature, Love Story. A collaboration with Hong Kong’s Focus Films, the metaphysical romance took the Best Director Award at the 2006 Singapore International Film Festival and was also honored as the closing film at the 2006 Locarno International Film Festival.


In 2007, Kelvin Tong embarked on his first Asian production, Rule #1. The horror-thriller, which stars Shawn Yue and Ekin Cheng, saw the writer-director training his lens beyond Singapore for the first time.

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  1. Hi Kelvin,
    I’m writing a book on fantastic cinema, the most complete ever and we would also like to review your film GUI A! GUI A! please write me back to the following email and i’ll explain you more:

  2. Hi Antonio,

    Thanks for your interest in GUI A! GUI A! You can email Kelvin’s producer Leon Tong at in regards to your film review and we’ll see what we can do.

  3. Hi kelvin I heard that u will be filming a new film called 绑架 soon, actually this story suits 李南星 as he is very suitable for 沧桑role, he has the charisma and furthermore he has the chow yun fatt look.

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